Forensic Interviews

Assessing abuse and safety.

A forensic interview may be conducted at the Center after a report has been made that a child may have been a victim of sexual abuse to law enforcement or Children’s Protective Services (CPS). 

  • Forensic interviewers are trained in the State of Michigan Forensic Interviewing Protocol.
  • Forensic interviews are intended to elicit detailed information about a possible event(s) a child may have experienced. 
  • Forensic interviews help assess whether a child has been abused, develop a plan for the child’s safety, and lay the groundwork for the criminal prosecution of the abuser. 

The interview process is developmentally sensitive, unbiased and truth-seeking to support the fair and accurate decision-making in the criminal justice and child welfare systems.

The process tests any alternative explanation for the allegation(s) in order to allow for a thorough investigation.