For Caregivers

Discussing body safety with your child is not easy. As caregivers, we often tell ourselves that “this couldn’t happen in my family” or “my friend/brother/neighbor would never do that to my child.” But these are among the many myths that enable abusers to do their damage. It is imperative to discuss body safety with your child. It doesn’t need to be intimidating or scary. These conversations can start small and grow more complex over time. Here are some resources to start normalizing body safety conversations within your home. 

Keeping children safe online.

It’s estimated that 1 out of 5 children are solicited sexually online—so parents also have to talk about Internet safety with their children.  Here are some guidelines and resources for having and reinforcing those conversations.

Kent County Sheriff’s Office – District Parent Letter

Internet Safety

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – NetSmartz

Additional resources for caregivers and children.

Learn the scope of the child sexual abuse problem in Kent County and around the country.

Coping Tools

Teen Sexual Assault – Information for Parents

Stop Sextortion

Self-Care Exercises

Deep Breathing Exercises for Children

Healthy Sexual Development Overview