Client Wish Lists

The Center is always in need of toys, books, music, and other items that help us make children feel more comfortable and at ease. Shop our Amazon Wish List for gift-approved items.

Another important part of being on the journey of hope and healing with our clients is celebrating them! One of the ways we do this is by having a birthday bin of fun things to choose from. Currently, our birthday bin options are mostly directed at clients who are 10 or younger and we are looking to stock up on some items that will be exciting for our teen clients. On our Amazon wish list, you’ll see items like frames and stickers that would be great for our teen clients, but even gift cards to Target, Jimmy Johns, Biggby, and Starbucks are great.

Help a child cope with their feelings.

We wish to provide each child with a therapeutic coping box that will help them process their feelings throughout their healing journey. We are always accepting small plastic tubs and the following items to place inside:

  • Mason jars & lids
  • coloring books (child & adult) and coloring supplies (crayons, colored pencils, markers)
  • BEE Brave necklace (used for court)
  • My Intent – Maker  Kit
  • journals and journals with locks
  • stress balls
  • small games/puzzles
  • sensory toys (squishy, texturized toy items)
  • inspiration stones
  • jump ropes
  • toy cars
  • lotion
  • nail polish
  • bracelet-making supplies
  • headphones
  • kinetic sand
  • any small toys or games that could assist a child in distracting themselves from upsetting feelings or thoughts

To schedule a drop-off time for any coping box donations, to donate to our client resource library, or if you are interested in donating a gift card to our teen birthday bin, please contact