Client Wish Lists

A child’s physical and mental health are important. The basic needs of a child are food, sleep, clothing, shelter, and health. While at the Center, children are welcomed into safe environments that promote health by processing trauma-experiences that they have had. 

Many children come to the Center right from school, leaving no time for an afternoon snack, which can improve attention, engagement, and even build rapport with the therapist. Having a variety of healthy snacks on-site is beneficial for children the Center serves. 

The Center is also always in need of items that help us make children feel more comfortable and at-ease, while processing their trauma and learning coping skills while they heal. 

Part of being on the journey of hope and healing with our clients is recognizing them when they have completed treatment and “graduate” from our services. The Center offers each child items of their choosing that will continue to encourage the healing process outside of the Center. Items for these recognitions include journals, coping tools, like fidgets, stickers with positive messages, and more.  The Center is also always in need of general supplies that help keep the Center efficient and functioning. 

Shop our Amazon Wish List for items that would benefit the Center and its clients.

Thank you for considering supporting the survivors we see each day, as well as the services that are imperative in their healing.


The Yellow Dress Care Closet was created to meet the emergent needs of families served at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County. Families working with the center may find themselves in need of basic items following a report of suspected abuse, and may not have immediate access to community resources that supply these on a recurring basis.

Through the Yellow Dress Care Closet we attempt to alleviate some of those needs by providing access to basic hygiene items. Please visit our donation page for information on how to support the Yellow Dress Care Closet or for additional opportunities on how to support the Center.