The Healing Garden at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County will be a space where children who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse will be able to benefit from the therapeutic elements of nature. There will be native plantings, flowing water, and even a drum circle to provide sensory stimulation, which research shows has a positive impact on healing from trauma.

Every day we receive 3-4 new cases of sexual abuse.  When a child is referred to our Center, our focus is to hear their story, heal the pain, and halt the cycle of sexual abuse.

For a child who has experienced this trauma, the healing journey is crucial to each child living an emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy life.  Which is why we would like to bring the therapeutic experience of a healing garden to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County.

Why would a healing garden be beneficial to the children that we serve?

We have an opportunity to utilize nature as a healing tool for the children that we serve.  The outdoors is naturally restorative and therapeutic, and provides an opportunity for the children to work through their treatment process while experiencing the healing benefits of the outdoors.

How would the healing garden be incorporated into counseling sessions?

The healing garden would be incorporated into practicing coping skills like mindfulness and relaxation techniques.  The garden can provide a richer sensory experience for the children to practice these skills.

Is there research on the positive impact of healing gardens on victims of trauma?

Documented studies have explored the benefits of nature in working with trauma survivors.  The research has shown that the exposure to nature has had many benefits, including; decreasing stress and anxiety, and increasing relaxation and self-esteem.

How can you get involved?

This campaign is a great opportunity for you to support child victims of sexual abuse and help facilitate their healing.  Every donation to the #HopeGrowsHere campaign goes directly to making the Healing Garden a reality by next spring.  Help us spread the word about this campaign on social media using the hashtag #HopeGrowsHere!

Sexual abuse is dark and ugly, but Hope Grows Here.