Kids Have Rights

Preventing abuse before it happens.

Kids Have Rights™ (KHR), the school-based prevention program created by the Center, educates and empowers students, school staff, parents, and caregivers to recognize, report, and prevent child sexual abuse. 

What we do.

Kids Have Rights™ provides body safety education to children in kindergarten through 4th grade. The curriculum is evidence informed and adheres to best practices in prevention.Through interactive, engaging classroom lessons, students learn how to recognize situations that may be unsafe or situations that may make a student feel uncertain. These may include interactions with others, such as touch, language, images, etc. Students are provided information on how to seek help from a safe adult when needed.

The safety of children in our community is not a responsibility we place on their shoulders alone. KHR provides school staff, parents, and caregivers, with education on their role in the prevention of child sexual abuse. This includes resources on how to normalize and continue body safety conversations with the children in their lives and how to respond to and report suspected or disclosed abuse. 

Kids Have Rights™ is designed with a comprehensive approach, knowing that through working collectively and consistently, we can end the silent epidemic of child sexual abuse.

Getting Kids Have Rights into your school.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions of the Kids Have Rights Program™ (KHR) for more information.