Celebrating 30 Years

Seeking 30 Foundational Ambassadors

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County opened its doors 30 years ago, in 1993. For the past three decades, the Center has helped to minimize the trauma caused by child sexual abuse by providing a space where a child has access to every service they may need and where they only have to tell their story once.

Child sexual abuse is a community-wide problem that necessitates a community-wide response.

In recognition of our 30th anniversary, we are launching our first Ambassador Program. To continue to provide life-changing services, mitigate the impacts of trauma, and help prevent abuse from occurring well into the future, we are seeking the support of 30 foundational ambassadors.

Foundational ambassadors have an exclusive opportunity to be part of the legacy of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County, where building trust, inspiring hope, and empowering communities is a priority. For more information, email

Benefits of Foundational Ambassador Support


  • Lifetime status of Ambassador, no need for annual renewal
  • Commemorative Gift
  • Toolkit for internal and external corporate social responsibility communications
  • Access to Ambassador-only opportunities including group tours, conversations with staff, board members, and survivors
  • Name/Logo listings on website, social media, annual report, exclusive signage for Foundational Ambassadors, and at Center events
  • Discounted tickets to training opportunities and events


In addition to previous benefits:

  • Quarterly tour opportunity for your team
  • Exclusive team volunteer opportunity
  • Additional social media recognition


In addition to previous benefits:

  • Unlimited tours for your team
  • Annual Reporter Training for Staff
  • Lunch with CAC CEO and 5 staff members to discuss partnership impact
  • Honorary sponsor of 2024 Child Abuse Prevention Summit


In addition to previous benefits:

  • Two annual trainings of choice
  • Honorary sponsor of 2024 CAC Luncheon and Child Abuse Prevention Summit
  • Lunch with CAC Leadership Team and 5 staff members to discuss partnership impact
Goal - 30 Foundational Ambassadors

Meet Our Foundational Ambassadors:

Pepé & Leah Ortiz

Angela & David Burke

Tonya Porter

Dr. Edward & Linda Cox

Jamie D’Agostino