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KIDZ Have Rights

Body Safety Programs Available to Kent County Elementary Schools

We believe children don't need to be frightened or nervous when it comes to the safety of their bodies.  When children know what feelings to look for and who the "Safe Adults" are in their lives they can tell if they receive a touch that makes them feel confused, nervous, sad or afraid --  it empowers them.

KIDZ Have Rights teaches elementary students to listen to and trust their feelings when they receive touches from adults, teenagers, kids, or friends--from people they know really well and are close to, from people they know by face and name, and from people they don't know.  The program is built around teaching children to identify three types of touches--Nurturing, Confusing, and Selfish--and the feelings they may have with each type of touch.  Students are taught to go to a "Safe Adults" if they receive a Confusing or Selfish Touch.



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