Mandated Reporting

Are you a mandated reporter of child sexual abuse?

Mandated reporters are an essential part of the child protection system because they have an enhanced capacity, through their expertise and direct contact with children, to identify suspected child abuse and neglect. Reports made by mandated reporters are confirmed at nearly double the rate of those made by non-mandated reporters. The Michigan Child Protection Law (CPL) requires the reporting of child abuse and neglect by certain persons, called mandated reporters, and permits the reporting of child abuse and neglect by all persons. The CPL includes the legal requirements for reporting, investigating, and responding to child abuse and neglect.

All Mandated Reporters must report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Human Services via Children’s Protective Services by filing a report online or calling 855-444-3911. You may also call your local law enforcement agency. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Other adults can also report suspected abuse online or at the same toll-free phone number. If you have questions regarding reporting, or you need some non-emergency/non-client support, please contact

Upcoming MDHHS Mandated Reporter Training Sessions

The Children’s Advocacy Center provides mandated reporter training throughout the year. It is imperative that all mandated reporters understand the child protection law and their role in helping to keep children safe from abuse. To schedule personalized training for your business or organization, please visit our Professional and Community Training page, or contact